Friday, September 3, 2010


I had a beautiful bird,
The bird chose me.
He adored and loved,
Every little aspect of me

I developed strong emotions,
Towards the beautiful bird
His beauty had smitten me,
Every time I look, I wouldn’t utter a word

Now we loved each other,
More than anything and anyone around
I pampered the bird so much,
That it started feeling bound

I caged him with my commitment,
And trust all around
All I could see was his face,
And just listen to his sound

With the passage of some years
My bird was troubled,
With so much love being showered,
The pressure on him was doubled.

Unconsciously I expected too much from the bird,
That his silent plea to be freed was always unheard

The bird broke the cage and flew far away,
I was shattered and destroyed
And for my dearest bird,
I prayed night and day

The world hated him is what he thought,
He quietly slipped in back the cage that I had bought

I thought the bird came back because he loved me,
But something about us was missing,
I always wondered,
What it may be.

My bird’s love for me had faded away,
I still held him back
With a hope to recreate that magic between us,
Which I believed was MEANT to last

My bird hated me now,
Deep down inside
But he still stuck by me for reasons unknown,
But I knew what I had to do

I had to pull myself together,
And give up on the most precious thing to me,
I knew I had to

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